Rodney Parrish         Evant, TX.
I built "The Budro Rider" as a "tool" to test & a pattern young bulls' performance. The Budro Rider helps "chute break"
young bulls .Put Budro on & let them learn what the chute is all about without hurting anything, especially a person's
legs. Keep your seasoned bulls "tuned" with Budro!
When you don't have bull riders around "The Budro Rider" is your ticket!
Budro will get on ALL your bulls the same afternoon, no bullfighters, EMT or insurance needed! The Budro Rider will
RIDE any amount of time you need him, 1/2 second or 8 seconds, you're in control.

A tool the Bull Business needed & NOW IT'S HERE,

The Budro Rider!

Here is some videos of Budro being used by Travis Eckroth, Eckroth Rodeo Bulls
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Budro weighs about 65 lbs. Budro Rider will work on  
the Buck'em All . You can use him on the dummy
and when you need to buck younger calves, you
can remove him and buck with your dummy.

Budro's Price: $950.00

Contact Rodney Parrish @ 325-948-3668

If you would like to mail Payment:
Rodney Parrish
1245 CR 530
Evant, TX 76525
This is Budro that Keith Strickland has and
uses. As you can see, he has dressed him
up as a cowboy.
:Budro Rider
Bull 1 with Budro
Bull 2 with Budro
Bull 3 with Budro
Bull 4 with Budro
Bull 5 with Budro
Rodney Parrish bucked some of Monty Samford's bulls and gave Budro a good workout!
Just a couple of jet set bullriders "waiting around" for some more bulls to get on!
Budro & The Buck ‘Em All Dummy
This is one of the videos below, but in Slow Motion
Budro VS Rafter G Bulls
Nov. 20 2012
Budro VS 2yr old coming 3
of Lonnie Austins
Nov. 20 2012
Budro visited Rafter G's ranch Nov. 20,2012 and got on
some bulls. Watch the videos
Budro Rider Only
Note: If you pay through Pay Pal there is a 2.9% fee. The Budro will be
$928.00 & the Budro with the Blue Dummy is $2,055
Budro VS Rafter G Bulls
Over 20 Bulls Bucked with
Budro, this is some of the
bulls in the video
"Budro is a great tool to use for culling or training bulls, he
stays in the middle and rides them to the whistle everytime"
Travis Eckroth
Eckroth Rodeo Bulls
***Endorsed by Monty Samford and Keith Strickland***
“With so much money at stake at our EG Champions Tour
Classic Events; we needed a way for each bull to show his
maximum potential. Budro is just what we needed!!! We found
Budro to be very user friendly and durable. Now the best bull
Dennis Davis – Jaynes Gang Event Mgr & Bucking Bull Trainer.
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